Review: Enter Shikari tear up NYC's Bowery Ballroom

Review: Enter Shikari tear up NYC's Bowery Ballroom

After some heavy touring in support of 2017's The Spark, U.K. post-hardcore/electronic group Enter Shikari are taking some to work on a brand new record. Before hitting the studio, they decided to tour North America once more. On Monday, the band found themselves inside New York City's Bowery Ballroom. While it was a dreary Monday night, a sold-out crowd awaited the four-piece act (five if you choose to include their keyboard Sparky).

Following some moving words from 16-year old Greta Thunberg, Enter Shikari kicked things off with their infectious new single "Stop The Clocks," which their headlining tour is named after. Enter Shikari's set had the makings of a greatest hits compilation with fan favorites such as "Destabilise" and "Mothership" igniting ferocious moshpits Whether he was hiding behind the curtain during "Sssnakepit" or wearing a shoe as a hat during "Juggernauts," vocalist Rou Reynolds was full of liveliness.

With Thunberg's recent rise in popularity, talks about climate change have been growing more than ever. "It's 2019, and we still have people that don't believe in science," Reynolds stated before going into "Arguing With Thermometers." Taken from A Flash Flood of Colour, the track tackles oil companies destroying ice caps for profit ("They'll plant their flags in the seabed/ Shackleton is rolling in his grave").

It wouldn't be an Enter Shikari show without members using the floor as their stage. Inside an intense circle pit, guitarist Rory C. and bassist Chris Batten were carried through the crowd during the 76-second blazer "The Paddington Frisk." Reynolds decided to join the crowd before realizing he needed to operate Sparky for "Undercover Agents."

Introduced during their last North American tour, the band burned through a quickfire round of four beloved songs: "Sorry, You're Not A Winner," a new mix of "No Sleep Tonight," "The Last Garrison", and "Meltdown." Merging four songs in eight minutes, the quickfire round kept the crowd guessing where they were shifting next.

With so much going on in the world, Reynolds wanted the sweaty audience to make it a better place. "All we ask from this set is to absorb this energy. You drink it in. Take it to the outside world because it needs it so much," he said.

Enter Shikari setlist

1)Stop The Clocks



4)Arguing With Thermometers


6)Rabble Rouser


8)The Paddington Frisk

9)Undercover Agents

10)Torn Apart



Quickfire Round

13)Sorry, You're Not A Winner

14)No Sleep Tonight

15)The Last Garrison




18)Live Outside

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